Take the Plunge! (Blog and Podcast link included)

Last month I was lucky enough to present at the Mandurah Start Up Huddle. This is a fantastic group, designed to get businesses up and running by supporting each other with connections, advice and referrals to experts. Like everything in Mandurah, the vibe was amazing and so supportive. I truly am blessed to be a part of this community.

As a follow up to the Start Up Huddle, I was invited to speak on the 'Mandurah Local Lounge' podcast with the fantastic Dave Monk. Be sure to have a listen right here:

During my interview, I was asked what advice I'd give to businesses, particularly new businesses. So here are some of my tips:

1) Sign up for EVERYTHING. I am a firm believer that every event will provide me with a new connection, and email address, a future booking, etc. Every event missed is dozens of opportunities missed, so jump out of your comfort zone and have a go.

2) Follow up! As soon as I'm home from a meeting, event or presentation, I go through all of my notes and email every person I've met or add them on LinkedIn. I log this on a spreadsheet (not just to be efficient but it helps me remember who is who - I have a terrible memory). Follow up is important because if you don't act now, you never will. You'll tell yourself they won't remember you or you'll forget about them.

3) Don't think you're not good enough, experienced enough, or skilled enough to put your hand up. This negative voice, or imposter syndrome is what is holding you back. Even if you do find yourself in a deep situation, look to those around you for guidance, own your growth and ask for help. There's nothing like the accomplishment of learning to fly after jumping out the window :)

4) Say it out loud. Speaking about your passion, your dreams, your future makes it real. It makes it real in your mind's eye and real to the people you are talking to. The more you say it, the more comfortable you become, and before you know it, it is who you are. Be proud and shout about it!

5) There is nothing wrong with starting over. You're not back at the beginning because this time you're doing it with a whole lot more experience. If you haven't failed, you haven't stepped out of your comfort zone and into the place where the magic happens. So make some choices and stick to them. It's time to see what you've got!

Thanks for listening and thanks for being so supportive. I'd love to hear your stories and look forward to supporting your business endeavours!


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